The Netherlands ICT Conditions contribute to the success of ICT projects, including through a clear, fair and market-based allocation of responsibilities and risks between supplier and client. Conditions can be used when offering / selling a wide variety of ICT products and services. Also answer the requirements of the latest developments in legislation and case law in the field of ICT.

The Netherlands ICT Conditions are designed differently than the ICT ~ Office and Fenit Conditions. Other than these predecessors include the Netherlands ICT Policies single integrated set of conditions that LauerLogic provided to its customers. 

In addition to the chapter “General Provisions” in which general (legal) issues are settled, are the Netherlands ICT Policy of several chapters in which specific (legal) topics.

When handling the Netherlands ICT Conditions a reference letterhead or quotation suffice. On request we can handing these conditions, usually at your request and at including a quote. Users of the Netherlands ICT Policy do not need to deposit. This has already been done and Netherlands ICT LauerLogic been registered user of these terms and conditions.