AssetVision highly ranked by Gartner

Report available via LauerLogic

Which tool is right for you? Complexity in Software Asset Management (SAM) continues to become more the rule than the exception.

Keeping up with continued software licensing churn and the obscure rules for cloud-based offerings is not enough -- you've also got to contend with the ever-looming software audit.

How to make sense of it?

The SAM market is evolving, but you need to understand the required capabilities to minimize risks and optimize future costs. Download the complementary Gartner Research Note, "Market Guide for Software Asset Management Tools," to learn more.

Whether physical, mobile, virtual or cloud-based, the selection of a SAM tool can be confusing and frustrating. 

Learn about ways to determine the best match for your situation 

Learn what Gartner has to say by downloading the report now.